Be not Afraid!

Key Verse– Acts 18:9– “Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace.” (KJV)
It is hard to not give in to fear. Whether it be a fear of injury or death, a fear for one’s loved ones, or a fear of being scorned when witnessing, there are times when fear freezes us all. I had the privilege and pleasure of hearing Rev. Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, give the sermon this morning at Trinity of Fairview. He told us of a time when he was afraid to witness to two strangers in a gas station, and compared it to the fears that Abram and David had during their walks with God. I, too, have a number of fears, and one of them, also, is witnessing to strangers.
I wonder what Paul felt sometimes… scorned, mocked, imprisoned, and finally executed for his faith in Christ. But I am comforted by the voice of God when he spoke to Paul at Corinth and told him to have no fear; that he (God) would always be with him. This is a verse that I need to keep close to my heart; by remembering it, I will overcome the fears of this world and do the work of my Lord all the much better!
So I say to you the same words Christ says to us… “Be not afraid!”


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